#EXO5 アノマリー・ヒューストン会場でのHank Johnsonの動画を、電脳自動書き 起こしを経由して文字起こしして和訳してみました(書き起こし時点で間違って るところがあるかも知れません)。

#EXO5 アノマリー・ヒューストン会場でのHank Johnsonの動画を、電脳自動書き起こしを経由して文字起こしして和訳してみました(書き起こし時点で間違ってるところがあるかも知れません)。





Good morning agents, Hank Johnson here.

I'm headed to registration for the Exo5 anomaly here in Houston. After we kick off the anomaly officially with group photo I will be heading downtown to NIA headquarters. I have a meeting with Shaw Henson that's why I'm wearing the monkey suit.

I wanted to reach out to my colleagues especially Devra Bogdanovich. Devra if you made it to Berlin stay safe, it's dangerous times out there, though I have a feeling Farlow is watching over more to come agents...

For now, Hank Johnson out.
時間だ、ハンク・ジョンソンは クールに 去るぜ。


Agents, Hank Johnson here. I've just received results for the measurements of the Houston anomaly with sixty four point five to thirty five point three. Houston has been claimed by the
Enlightenment. Now the cluster battle is over, but not the day soon, agents will spread across the city sharing their passion and energy all for a good cause. Operation Clearfield is coming up.

Agents, Hank Johnson here, with another Houston dispatch.

Well, I just returned from my meeting at NIA headquarters here in Houston, but before we get into that little backstory not too long ago.

I got a call from Shaw Henson, White House undersecretary working on matters of national security regarding XM. He said he wanted to have a meeting here in Houston. Washington's low down to tight after the deaths of Ezekiel Calvin, Jay Phillips and Ken Owen.

It's on high alert, so I agreed to the meeting and in that meeting. Shaw Henson asked something of me that I never in a million years would have expected. He asked me to take over the NIA to right the ship.

"Hank, you're loved and respected by agents around the world. They said you're a believer in the good side of this XM thing. They said but you're also a former soldier you've seen the ugly side of life. And you know it's real."

Now, after Ezekiel Calvin, I may be the most knowledgeable person in the world about XM, ingress, 13magnus and all that. And I think I can fix this If I take over the organization run it right this time, no botched projects, no wet work research and development. We return the United States to being that shining city on a hill side. I was honored said I'd think about it. He said don't take too long.

So agents, do I do it this might be.

How we make the biggest difference but it also might mean wearing a suit, sitting behind a desk, pushing papers.

And if there's one thing I know, you can take the boy out of the field but you can't take the field out of the boy.